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By:  William Burley


The idea of an entrepreneur or non-profit organization partnering with a virtual assistant is economically sound.  The long-term costs associated with a permanent employee (e.g. retirement benefits, medical benefits, Social Security taxes, etc.) are an instant savings of 25%.  There are other associated costs that increase the amount saved for business owners. 


The question still remains, “What type of work can I send to a virtual assistant?”


The answer is limitless.  Below is a brief list of work that can be outsourced to a remote worker or administrative consultant.  The list is by no means complete but should serve as a starting point of what can be taken from your desk.




  • Sales leads – without sales you have no business. 
  • Fact checking – have someone check all data in your blogs, articles, podcasts and other information.
  • Products/Services – have someone help you figure out which car to buy based upon your parameters; choose the perfect stereo system that works with your television.
  • Speech writing – a virtual assistant can write your outline or put your thoughts into the perfectly written speech or presentation.


Data Entry/Word Processing


  • Business cards – turn those business cards scattered on your desk into Outlook entries for better organization.
  • Website registration – a virtual assistant can register you for your favorite websites or for article and press release submission sites.
  • Craigslist posting – have someone post those items you’re selling online for higher visibility


Event/Trip Planning


  • Meetings – every meeting conducted for your business is important and a virtual assistant can schedule venues, choose the menu and other important decisions.
  • Prepare participant bios – provide the virtual assistant with the names of individuals you are about to meet and a full biography will be at your fingertips…impress with your knowledge
  • Travel research – get information on the best restaurants, hotels and hot spots in the city you’re traveling to.
  • Wedding planning – a wedding is a headache and a virtual assistant can interview vendors such as wedding coordinators, photographers, caterers and more…you get the facts without the stress


Social Networking

  • Blog posting – a virtual assistant can write rough drafts of blog articles that are suited to you for you to change into your own voice
  • Commenting and linking – let someone give you higher visibility by commenting on other blogs and providing your link as a reference…this helps search engine optimization, too.
  • Profiles – have a virtual assistant setup and/or manage your various social media sites…they’ll find connections, make comments and schedule your social events online.
  • Online dating – yes…a virtual assistant can handle your online dating profile and help you find the right electronic match based upon your parameters


General Administrative Support


  • Voicemail management – let a virtual assistant check your voicemails at scheduled intervals and send you an e-mailed summary of the priorities
  • E-mail management – many of your e-mails are routine (e.g. customer service support or requests for info) and a virtual assistant can handle the mundane for you
  • Wake up calls – a virtual assistant can be the backup to your alarm clock to ensure you don’t miss that important meeting or flight
  • Gifts/cards – a virtual assistant can research and ship the perfect gift for a customer’s Christmas recognition…and you get all the credit
  • Thank you and follow-up – never miss an opportunity to send a thank you note or follow-up message/call…it’s what could seal the deal


This list consists of the more common functions that are outsourced to an administrative consultant.  Again, the list is limitless.  The thought to have is, “What can I outsource that will help me maximize the chance to grow my business?”  Once you think in those terms, the choices will be easier.


William Burley is the founder and owner of Burley-Wilson & Associates, a virtual paralegal and virtual assistant company providing legal and administrative support to clients across the United States.  To learn more about what work an entrepreneur or non-profit organization can outsource, please e-mail,visit or like the Burley-Wilson & Associates fan page at


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